FidoReadJ 0.24

A reader for drawings in the FidoCad/FidoCadJ format

FidoCadJ is a drawing program, very well suited to draw very simply electrical schematics and some simple PCBs. The Java applet contained in this page interprets and renders drawings represented in the FidoCadJ format. You just have to copy and paste the code describing the drawing inside the text field below. You then click on the "Draw the circuit" button to view the result.

Those seeking for the complete open source and multiplatform editor cand find FidoCadJ by clicking here.

You need Java to use this applet

May, 28, 2012

Since there may be differences in the most widespread browsers, here are some minimalistic versions of this applet, running in a fixed size box:
Very big applet (1024x768 pixels)
Mid-size applet (800x600 pixel)
Small applet (640x480 pixel)

WARNING: this applet requires at least a Java plugin 1.4.0 installed and active in your browser. If you enconter problems, check that your setup is able to handle Java code and eventually install Java from the Oracle website:

Francesco Potortý has written a server-side reader which does not require Java: FidoCad viewer.

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