HP 9000/217 with HP7957B and HP9122

The HP 9000/217, also known as the HP9817 was a workstation computer built by Hewlett-Packard between 1984-1985. This computer was based on a Motorola 68010 microprocessor and can be used with the HP-UX operating system or with HP BASIC. In this page, I show some photos of my system. The central unit, already cleaned, with the monitor: Unité centrale et écran

The boot screen. The operating system is not loaded since nothing is connected to the GPIB bus and the central unit does not have any mass storage device: Boot

Inside the impressive HP7957B, a 81 MiB hard disk. There is a considerable amount of dust due to the years of service. The disk itself was so big that there was a small fan on the same motor which made the plates turn, just above the control electronics board (this fan is not visible on the photo):

The hard disk unit after a delicate but complete cleanup:

Another point of view on the system, which was heavy and quite rugged thanks to the metal sheets everywhere. We can appreciate the size of the disk drive unit, compared with the screwdriver:

The HPIB control card in place. The connector is visible on the backside of the unit:

The complete system, with the HP7957B as well as the disk driver HP9122. Unfortunately, one of the two disk drivers of the HP9122 was not working. Anyone has a SONY OA-D32W-10 disk driver?

The dusty inside of the HP9122:

I was not able to boot the machine yet, if you have some useful information, can you contact me?