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Silk Dust contains a number of references to some historical figures and to some specific places. I included them with the hope to add a certain depth to the game, but I think they may remain un-noticed by a non-Italian (or even non-Piedmontese) player. I thought it may be interesting to write something about them. I also took some liberty from historical facts, when I had the impression it would fit the story and the game. It is a game and not an historical account, but I think the player must be informed of what is historical and what is invented.

This page contains spoilers, you will have to use the passwords you can find in the game.


The image of the splash screen is inspired by a 1898 lithography by Alfons Mucha ("The Rose"), on which I drawn the face of the unforgettable Brigitte Helm as she appears in a photogram of Fritz Lang's Metropolis. The background comes from a very nice art nouveau wallpaper.

The inspiration of the game comes from the 1907 Peking-Paris rally, won by the prince Scipione Borghese with an Itala mod. 35/45 HP. I saw several times that car (perfectly restored) in the The National Automobile Museum in Turin. I read the incredible book by Luigi Barzini "Peking to Paris" and I was inspired for some details of the game setting.

DarwinNE · Steam Pressure
DarwinNE · Emilia's Theme

To continue, enter the game passwords:

Part 1: enter password to read the text.

Part 2: enter password to read the text.

Part 3: enter password to read the text.

Part 4: enter password to read the text.

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