Libraries for FidoCadJ and FidoCad



Many FidoCadJ and FidoCAD users developed some libraries to extend the number of symbols available to those softwares. I tried to collect them here with the permissions of their authors.

For those who may prefer a multi-platform and internationalized software, I have written FidoCadJ which is downloadable from that page of this website. The drawings and the libraries are compatible between FidoCAD and FidoCadJ


File: Size: Comments:
8 KiB Proposed by Franco Minucci, a very nice collection of macro-circuits and different symbols.
4 KiB Proposed by Paolo Squaratti, this library contains symbols for ECMA-4 flowcharts, from ElectroYou.
4 KiB Proposed by Alberto Pellegrini, a collection of hydraulic installation symbols.
4 KiB Proposed by Paolo Rognoni in this article: LO HAI MAI REALIZZATO CON UN PIC? Due librerie CAD per PIERIN PIC18, this library is released with license CREATIVE COMMONS BY-NC-ND 3.0. It allows to use very easily the PIERIN PIC18 development system with FidoCadJ.
12 KiB Proposed by Luigi C. in this message on an italian Usenet group. This library contains new symbols for schematics: binary encoders, interface and digital integrated circuits, PICs.
16 KiB Proposed by Celsius, this library contains some useful symbols and footprints for schematics and PCBs. Celsius states that some symbols are still somewhat draft and there is still some work to do. (version 3.0)
16 KiB Proposed by moderators of Usenet group it.hobby.radioamatori.moderato and downloaded from the Roby IZ1CYN website (in Italian language). This library contains many useful symbols for electronic circuits and PCBs. This library is now included by default in FidoCadJ.
8 KiB Macro collection proposed by Tullio, Juan Bravo on it.hobby.elettronica. I assembled all the macros in a single library file which is contained in the zip archive. (version 02/2012)
136 KiB Library available on this website (link in Italian language). It contains the footprints of several connectors (USB in particular) and of several SMD packages. (version 13/02/2010)
4 KiB Library provided by Lorenzo Neri. It contains some SSOP footprints which corrects some errors of the standard footprints library. (version 0.1 du 10/03/2010)
4 KiB Library prepared by Nobody, from the it.discussioni.ingegneria.civile Usenet group. It contains some actions and stresses useful for structure analysis.
4 KiB Library prepared by Mario i3HEV, it contains several footprints of RF devices: transistors, inductors, transformers...
8 KiB Library prepared by Maurizio Mileto, it contains a vast collection of symbols for civil and industrial electric installations.
4 KiB Library prepared by MacZap in this discussion and dedicated to Arduino.


If you have prepared a library file for FidoCadJ or FidoCad and you want to share it between the user community, please contact me. If on the other hand you have found here something which should not be here, please also contact me. Do not send messages containing attached files and correct the anti-spam part of the email address.