Sending MIDI SDS data to an external synth

The Midi SDS (Sample Dump Standard) is a technique that was created in 1986 to allow exchanging samples between digital synthetizers which adhere to the standard. It consists of a series of System Exclusive packets that are exchanged through the MIDI line between two instruments.

I have written a simple command-line driven software (for Windows 95/98/2000/NT/me/Xp), to send a WAV file from the computer to my Generalmusic S2 keyboard (with the Sample Translator 1.0). The software does not adhere completely to all details of the standard, so I don't know if it can work properly with all keyboards having SDS capabilities. Anyway, it should work well on the Generalmusic S2/S3 Turbo models.

Download the executable (40kb)
Download the Visual C++ 6.0 Sources (18kb)

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