About me

In this blog you can find some articles I wrote on arguments I find interesting. If you want to follow my works, I have a Mastodon account: @davbucci@mastodon.sdf.org.

Pollen Sine wave on an oscilloscope

In this moment, my website is composed by several areas (electronics, physics, maths, misc), containing several articles of quite different level. You can read them by clicking on the areas in the menu, or by using the global index.

I am a teacher and I do some scientific research. I began to be interested in integrated optics several years ago, in particular concerning the design and fabrication of active and passive devices with the ion-exchange on glass technology. In this moment, I am quite interested in optofluidic microsystems, electromagnetic modeling (RCWA and AFMM) and sensors.

I also love music: I play the piano a little bit and I sing in a choir choir.

I begun playing with Linux distributions in 1999, but now I mainly use the wonderful MacOSX. This is why I made sort that software project on which I spent several years of my spare time is completely multiplatform: FidoCadJ.
I also own several "vintage" computers, such as some Apple Macintoshes (and in particular a SE/30), some Commodores and an Olivetti M20. I dedicated a website to this last machine. I am the proud owner of a 1972 Lancia Fulvia sedan. I also wrote a few games for 8 and 16 bit< computers/a> as well as some music.

All the articles have been written in a period spanning several years (the first version of this web page went online in 1998). The level and the style of the articles therefore are quite discontinuous. I generally put a lot of care about correcting errors, but feedback is always welcome:
(remove the capital letters in the address and take into account that my anti-spam system tends to remove all the messages containing attachments).

On Twitter as @davbucci between 2012 and 2022. From Dec 18, 2022 on Mastodon as @davbucci@mastodon.sdf.org